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  1. Try not to miss the boat
  2. We are all in the same boat [just different sections]
  3. Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ArkStay fit. God may just call upon you to do something gigantic at 60yrs old
  4. Don't listen to critics. There are always Samballat and Tobiah around ready to wreck your boat
  5. Build your future on high ground and always keep your thoughts elevated
  6. It's usually a good idea to travel in pairs
  7. Race is not for the swift! The snails made it on board with the cheetahs
  8. When you're at your wits end.... simmer and float awhile
  9. If God is the central in the planning and design of your life you can't sink. Remember the Ark was built by novices; the Titanic by 'professionals'
  10. When your rollin' with God there's always a rainbow waiting after the storms of life


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The Truth
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1.Also one thing to note only 8 persons were saved. That means the multitude is not always right.2. Also while the people should be getting ready to go into the boat they were partying, been married and given into marriage. And 3. God's church is any where " two or three gather in the name of Christ" not with a large population.


Remember the three angels message.

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Josephine Saban
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glory be to God, my church is small but we feel the love of God and when we have visitors as they walk in they also feel a different  feeling I was a S DA and my God when you want desdain and pride agorance check that church on a sabbath.thats just wrong.

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