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Pastor w. Roach
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Twenty five centuries ago, when the Babylonian Empire was at the height of its power, its capital became the "golden city." Behind massive fortifications its citizens believed that no evil could ever befall them. They basked in a sense of security unknown by any other community. So certain were they of the impregnability of their city that they felt free to indulge every immoral passion, reckless of the consequences.

 Then it was that there appeared on the wall of King Belshazzar's palace those flaming words of condemnation: "God has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it...... Though art weighed in the balances, and  art found wanting."  Daniel 5:26,27.

Judgment was not long in coming. That very night, the Bible says, "Was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom." Verses 30, 31

This sequence of events, this decline from power through perversity to oblivion, is traceable through almost every nation and empire of history. This was the the course of Medo-Persia, Greece,and Rome. Of Egypt, Tyre, and Carthage. Of the German Empire, the Astro- Hungarian Empire, and of Russia under the czars.

My fellow brothers and Sisters, it is clear that this world is on a collision path with the Judgment of God. It is clear that the sins of mankind is piling up in God's book, and is about ready to unleash his wrath on wicked men.  Malachi 4:1, Revelation 6:15-17


Questions for Discussion: Do you believe that God is writing on the walls of our nations? What should be the Message of the Church in these final days?

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